Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Molly, Craig, Kole, Chase, Krew, and Christa came to town last week and we had lots of fun! While they were here Jordan came over 3 times and we had Max once. We got to go to Lehi to hear Max give a talk in Sacrament meeting. He did great. The big event was the Salt Lake Marathon. Terry and Molly ran the half marathon and Craig and Kole ran in the 5K. They all did super great! I am most proud of Terry for working so hard and finishing so well . Kole took 3rd place in his age group. Guess he is part of the family!!!!

While they were here we went to 2 movies, had a great time on Saturday at the park, aside from Kole getting hit in the throat from a pop fly ball while playing ball and Brock getting a spider bite that really made his finger swell up! We played on toys, threw sticks in the pond, flew a princess kite and just had a great day. Then we went to Jordan's work for some frozen custard. She makes the best concrete!
Sunday we went to church, had a great dinner with everyone, played some games, and went to Granite Creek for some great rock throwing and climbing. Jordan and Molly got some awesome pictures so maybe they will post some soon. Jamie came to town on Monday for work and we got to see him for a few hours.
We really miss all our kids and grandkids and are so proud of them all.

Saturday, November 27, 2010


So this Thanksgiving Jamie, Amy, Jaiden, Thaiya, Jetrin, and Keira came from Denver for a visit. These pictures are completely out of order but, oh well, they're here!
Jetrin loves b-ball and can't get enough dunking!
Thaiya and Keira...pretty sisters.

Jaiden is always cool!

21We had lots of snow to start the holiday off right. Brock and Bradlee both love it.

"Everybody loves a baby that's why we're in love with you!"

What Bricco get together would be complete without jamming in the basement. Thaiya and Bradlee singing "Round and Round" , with Jaiden on the drums. Awesome!

With such good looking kids, Grandma can take one for the team!

No rivalry here.

Oh yeah, Terry, Tory, and I did a 5K race Thanksgiving morning. It was 9 degrees! We all had a great time.
And looked hot doing it!
Here we are after pictures with frozen hair!!
We had a great dinner, lots of fun, lots of screaming, and so much laughing! "Harry Potter" and "Tangled" thrown into the mix. Missed everyone who wasn't here.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Some tasty treats for Halloween!
The kids had fun with these and the green pretzel monsters are so yummy!
After weeks of busy travel, home again for a few weeks. Rowdy is doing amazing after 2 serious surgeries for Crohn's. He has courage and strength I could only hope for. We also went to St. George and Jackson Hole. Relaxing trips. Terry is now bishop of the Jordan River Ward so we are busy with all the fun that comes with that!
All in all, everything is great.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Last Thursday, Keiler, Tory, Bradlee, Brock, & I took a little road trip to San Diego. We had to make a pit stop at IN & OUT BURGERS of course.
As you can see...Tory was blown away by her burger.

One of the kid's favorite things was riding the scooter with Uncle Rowdy. If Diane's mountain bike is the Pink Bike of Death, this is the Blue Scooter of Bliss. If you know Bradlee, she takes her fun seriously.What trip to SD would be complete without a trip to the beach. The little guys just love Keiler.
Tory and Rowdy did some boogie boarding. Don't they look hot at the beach?

What a cute family...all they need is Tyler.
So very cute!

What a little man!

We also went to Fiesta Island to have a bonfire and take in the fireworks from Sea World. They were great!

Even though Bradlee tried to make sure there were never any fireworks, somehow they managed to appear! She ended up climbing through the back window into the truck. She really does not like fireworks.

My camera isn't the greatest, but here we are around the bonfire...illegal if I may add, but awesome.

They loved the scooter so much I guess I just had to show it again.

We went to a park and got some great pics and had lots of fun climbing, swinging, rolling down the hill and just playing together.
Someone loves to swing, just like her grandma!
Who wouldn't love this?
Keiler can beat me in a swinging contest now. I'm not sure how I feel about that.
We really had a great time there. Diane got some productive shopping in and we got to be with them before Rowdy has another surgery for Crohns. If you would like, you can donate to a run for Crohns on Rowdy or Diane's blog. It is a nasty disease that needs a cure.
Thanks Diane and Rowdy and Keiler for a great time and being such awesome family. Love you lots!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


We were so blessed to have our 13th grandbaby born on Friday, the 13th of August. She is so beautiful and such a sweet little girl. Her name is Keira Amelia Bricco and Amy, Jamie and family are doing great! We made a quick trip to Denver to visit them and really miss them. We had fun playing basketball, flying kites, playing on swings, hot tubbing, watching movies, eating, and best of all participating in back to school blessings. Jetrin just jumped up in the chair after Jaiden and folded his arms for his turn. So cute.
Here's me with baby Keira.
Papa and Jaiden and Thaiya. They are really growing up to be awesome kids.

Jetrin and Jaiden...forever brothers.

Just a little picture of Max, Bradlee, Brock and Jordan having some fun in the kitchen.

Bradlee on a little hike we took at Snowbird.

Tomorrow we pick up Keiler in Lehi and take him back to San Diego for school. Tory. kids, and I will stay and have some fun with Rowdy, Diane, and Keiler before Rowdy goes in for surgery. Very excited for the trip. Just wish we could all be there together.

Monday, July 5, 2010


We celebrated the 4th of July for the weekend. Rowdy and Diane came on Saturday and we had some good 4th of July food. We went for a walk up Big Cottonwood canyon at Brighton and sat in the hot tub for the rest of the evening and just chatted. We went to a Salt Lake Bees game, complete with fireworks. The game was a little slow but the fireworks were great and of course, lots of ball park snacks. Sunday at church both Rowdy and Tyler bore their testimonies in our singles ward and that was very touching to me. Not only do we celebrate our countries political freedom, but the opportunity we have to exercise our right to worship how we chose. Both Rowdy and Tyler bore testimony of the obligation we therefore have to share the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am grateful for good and righteous kids!So here we are...half of the fam! Missed to rest, but had a great time.
Just a little bit of the 4th fun food!
Bradlee really liked helping make everything...especially these cupcakes with pinwheel spinners on top!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


With everything that has gone on in our lives in the last 8 months, I won't even try to catch up. Just know Terry is almost back to his normal self after open heart surgery and life is moving on. We are planning hike and little trips and just regular summer fun for the more medical adventures!!!